• Daniele Gennara

12 VITAS. Anatomy of a logo

Our motto is "12 places for 12 lives" and it means to live in each place according to the principles of the permanent vacation.

Each place will give us the opportunity to explore our different lives.

We engage the circle as the symbol of life, the cycle that each one carries out in his own existence, and we multiplied it by 12. These 12 circles are different and linked to each other because no one is separate and no one coincides perfectly with another: we are still ourselves in every place we visit, but we will also be different in relation to what surrounds us. No circle is in the middle, because no one is more important than the others.

Furthermore, the graphic design of the motto and the 12 circles, is not a clear line because we do not know what the future holds within these possible lives. It is drawn like chalk on a blackboard because it is indefinite, uncertain, it can even be erased.

But it is precisely for this reason that this experience attracts us so much, for the indeterminacy it holds with it.