• Daniele Gennara

Close your eyes, I'll take you to a special place

Close your eyes, I'll take you to a special place.

There's no law in this place, so there's no police either.

There is no need for it because all the people around us have achieved such an inner peace that they have no wickedness, no grudge.

In this place you don't have to do anything, not even work, everyone does what they like best, what they can, and does it for others.

There is no money or salaries. Every job is equally considered and recognized, there are no certifications or impositions. Everyone receives the food they need and lives in a house they don't own.

Everyone is relaxed because this condition is guaranteed, because no one loses their job or their home, because the education of children is free, because when you sit at the canteen there is always your meal.

Your will, your consciousness, your spirit, however you want to call it, is sincere and kind, and consists only in doing good for others because this is what you feel in your blessed inner peace.

Now open your eyes and, if you liked this dream, you just have to do one thing: go to Auroville.

(Our impressions will follow in the next few days).