• Daniele Gennara

Indian physiognomy ​

You are in India if..

..the contamination of the air in big cities has eaten the horizon

..receipts are made on paper and the time they take when they are filled in makes you think of old times

..human relationship is direct in every exchange of information, the electronic system has not yet taken root and, although with its limitations and the necessary patience, things go on

..smiles are dark, marked by teeth that have never experienced contact with the bristles of a toothbrush

..road traffic is a wave of brakeless elements apparently unable to lose a single second the bathroom of the airport, the attendant opens the door, cleans the toilet table and invites you in

..people sleep in the street, in tuktuks, in the reclined seats of cars with their windows down, totally participating in that deafening concert of sound flashes that is the Indian traffic but that, through the magic of black yoga or grace received by some zoomorphic god, are able to fall motionless in their only place of peace

..the Kaanum Pongal resembles Zurich's street parade.

..the couple of centimetres perfectly calculated by racing drivers of mopeds, tuktuks and cars keep with amazing precision from pedestrians

..the patience, the holy patience, that we find in the corners of our spirit when the Indians do not understand, when they do not admit that they do not understand, when they misunderstand, when they do not warn and when they contradict each other.

..the feeling of being a Bollywood star when in the streets group photographs requests are continuous 

..the organic depth is black in every marsh at the edge of the road.

..the statements are continuous and when we find out they didn't understand, we can't go back.

..the beach is unknown to the small urban settlements that placed the backyard to the sea, as if it were something unpleasant similar to a large city viaduct

..waiters, receivers, and any kind of figure in contact with customers are useless. Lacking of touch, lacking in education, lacking in expertise.

..each type of meteorological force finds a magnificent balance that manifests itself every day from 5 to 7pm