• Daniele Gennara

Native Sandals

Actualizado: 26 de ene de 2019

We almost always use Native Sandals here in India. Here are our impressions.


Basically I've been living for 4 years with menorquinas (Castell) on my feet, while when I do physical activity I use a pair of sandals as similar as possible to being barefoot.

I looked for a type of footwear comfortable and practical enough for a very long trip, barefoot, cheap and well made, minimalist designed, ideal both for walking in the street or in the middle of nature and while I train myself.

I searched until I found Native Sandals.

Once contacted through their facebook page, they asked us the scan of our footprints (real size). They cut the sole without having to choose a number, so even if you have very weird feet, these sandals will fit you great!

They also sent us two pairs of strings of the color we preferred, choosing it from their palette.

The service was great and the sandals are comfortable and also very beautiful, as you can see in the picture :)


Unlike Andrea, I'd never used sandals like these before.

I let her advise me, as I do for many other things I don't know.

I wore Native Sandals when we were in Australia, so I tried them out before I finally packed them in my long-trip-backpack.

It was a wonderful discovery: after a first period of adaptation, where the calves suffered because the heel has no sole, now I use them without second thoughts.

Two considerations are necessary: to fit them you need to use both hands & using them here in India means washing your feet with extreme care after your walks!